November 19, 2018
The Dutch Edition of “The Little Europe" Launched in Brussels (photos) 
On November 19, the translation to Dutch of Leonidas Donskis’ collection of essays “The Little Europe: a Map by an Aesthete" has been launched at the Embassy of Lithuania in Brussels, Belgium. Photo gallery here(Read more...)
February 26, 2018
The First Prize of Philosopher Leonidas Donskis Awarded to Historian prof. Saulius Suziedelis 
For long-term efforts to strengthen civil awareness and tolerance, as well efforts to defend human rights, start and support of dialogue among those who think differently Sugihara Foundation – Diplomats for Life has awarded the first prize of Leonidas Donskis to professor in history Saulius Suziedelis. (Continue...)
May 24, 2017
Kaunas plans to erect statue to late philosopher Donskis 
Lithuania`s second-biggest city of Kaunas is planning to put up a statue of Leonidas Donskis, a prominent Lithuanian philosopher who died of a heart attack last year. (Read more...)
May 18, 2017
Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry Honours The Memory Of Leonidas Donskis 
On 17 May, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania held a solemn event in memory of Prof. Leonidas Donskis and celebrated his contribution to the spread of European values. One of the halls at the Foreign Ministry was named the `Europe Hall` to remind our future generations about the values Prof. Donskis cherished. (Read more...)
May 02, 2017
VMU to Host Conference in Memory of Leonidas Donskis 
On May 11-12, VMU will be hosting an interdisciplinary conference in memory of philosopher, VMU Professor Leonidas Donskis, entitled The Interdisciplinary Intellectual Practices and Moral Imagination of Leonidas Donskis. More information here
October 17, 2016
Kaddish in Butrimonys in memory of Leonidas Donskis 
At peace, prof. Leonidas Donskis:” I would be happy, if while I am still alive something similar would happen in Butrimonys… I feel a moral obligation to say Kaddish there with Jews…” (2016.08.31 Delfi TV telecast, in the context of the Moletai march). On October 23rd, 3 p.m. at the main Jewish mass grave in Butrimonys, we shall pay tribute to the memory of Leonidas Donskis. The Kaddish – by Rafailas Karpis.
Everyone is welcome. (Read more...)
September 22, 2016
Krzysztof Czyzewski. Leonidas Donskis - a Farewell 
How is it possible? In that one moment, early in the morning at the Vilnius airport on the way from Šeteniai to Petersburg, on that Wednesday the 21st of September, when the world was celebrating the Order of the Smile and in churches people joined in a Prayer for Peace, on the anniversary of Virgil’s passing and the murder of 1159 Jewish neighbours by the death commando in Vėlučionys near Vilnius … (Continue...)
September 21, 2016
Lithuanian Donskis` political career marked with concern for human rights - colleagues 
During his brief political career, Lithuanian philosopher Leonidas Donskis was an engaged defender of human rights including rights for sexual minorities, which made him stand out among other politicians from Central and Eastern Europe, stated his fellow in the European Parliament`s Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, Sophia In`t Veld of the Netherlands. (Continue...)
September 09, 2016
Death of Utopia 
Niccolò Machiavelli, the quint-centenary of whose Discourses on Livy will be celebrated in 2017 as a great event in European history of political ideas (the treatise was written around 1517) is regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern political thought, and rightly so. (Continue...)
August 02, 2016
Doom Sayers Get it Wrong 
We live in the time of fear, panic, and doom-mongering. Never before did the modern Western societies have so little trust in their institutions, so little confidence in their ability to fulfill political visions and programs as they do now. We would be deceiving ourselves in thinking that it had always been so. Social criticism is not fear-mongering, just like the new waves of moral panic should not be equated with so many dystopian novels of the past. (Continue...)
August 17, 2015
“I have no shame or conscience, therefore my conscience doesn`t bother me” 
Zygmunt Bauman has developed the theory of the adiaphorization of consciousness. During times of upheaval and at critical historical junctures or intense social change, people lose some of their sensitivity and refuse to apply the ethical perspective to other people. They simply eliminate the ethical relationship with others. (Continue...)
March 06, 2015
The Dilemmas of Freedom 
Zygmunt Bauman once wrote about human beings and their lives being rendered useless – reduced to throwaways by globalisation. No one needs or misses them; and when they disappear, the statistics, including various economic and security indicators, take a turn for the better. (Continue...)
August 15, 2014
Moral Blindness and Ukrainian Lessons 
In 2013, I have written conjointly a book with Zygmunt Bauman, one of the greatest thinkers of our times. It is a book of an intense philosophical dialogue on the loss of sensitivity. The title of our book, Moral Blindness, was Bauman’s idea, and it came out as an allusion to the metaphor of blindness masterfully developed in the Portuguese writer José Saramago’s novel Ensaio sobre a cegueira (Essay on Blindness). Yet the subtitle of the book, The Loss of Sensitivity in Liquid Modernity, came out from my own theoretical vocabulary, albeit with Bauman’s touch – his books would be unthinkable without the adjective “liquid,” be it liquid modernity or liquid fear or liquid love. Much to my delight, this book will have a second life in the Ukrainian language and culture. (Continue...)
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