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December 16, 2012
The Spenglerian Fallacy and Europe as a Mutual Rediscovery

No matter how popular Oswald Spengler is deemed to become again due to Europe`s profound crisis, one thing does not allow me to take him seriously. True, he made many subtle points regarding the decline of Europe between the two world wars, yet one of the most dubious ideas defended by the author of The Decline of the West was on the parallel and separate existence of cultures. (Read more...)

November 28, 2012
Our ambiguous new world, or can we reverse the tragedy of the EU?

Arnold J. Toynbee, echoing a great many historians, once asked: Does history repeat itself? Karl Marx wittily and caustically answered this question in the nineteenth century reminding us that it does, and even twice: once as a tragedy and then as a farce. (Read more...)

November 05, 2012
Lost in Transition

After the 2012 parliamentary elections, it is tempting to describe Lithuania as a victim of a series of ugly and unscrupulous manipulations undertaken by political cheats like Viktor Uspaskich and his party, the Labor Party, which is among the major winners of the elections along with Lithuanian Social Democrats and Motherland Union (Christian Democrats). Yet on a closer look it appears a simplistic perception of Lithuania’s political reality. (Read more...)

November 01, 2012
Shakespeare as a Modern Sensibility

William Shakespeare is likely to have become a modern sensibility. Like Niccolò Machiavelli or his own contemporary and significant other, Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare seems to have developed into a modern moral and political sensibility, a criterion of modernity, and even a symbolic design within which we perceive and interpret ourselves and the world around us. (Read more...)

October 31, 2012
Democrats and dictators

George Orwell once offered an insight into the source of double standards applied to violence when it comes to European pacifists. When confronted with facts of violence at home, they take a stand immediately, leaving no room for doubt and ambiguity. Yet they choose to keep a blind eye, if not their eyes wide shut, on violence practiced not in the Western world, or at least not in democracies. (Read more...)

October 05, 2012
Is European Culture a Fantasy?

Is European culture a fantasy? Is it more or less so than European politics? These are the questions that cross my mind over and over again when I try to think of how to reverse the ongoing tragedy of the EU – namely, its silent and slow demise, which is a fact of reality, to my dismay. (Read more...)

September 28, 2012
Criminals in Politics

Is politics free of criminals? Has it ever been so? In fact, it hasn’t. Far from war criminals, who, as a cynic’s dictionary would suggest, are statesmen who lost the war (whereas the heroes solely remain on the winning side), felons squeeze into politics from time to time. Crooks, charlatans, various other dodgy figures and even mobsters become part of the classe politique. As the witty saying goes, the dividing line between parliament and prison tends to be quite thin. (Read more...)

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