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October 28, 2011
October plenary session: historical European Council, EU budget, Sakharov Prize

In the last week of October MEPs gathered in Strasbourg and watched how EU leaders manage to adopt vital decisions concerning the financial crises in the old continent, and relaxed after hard work, discussing achieved results on Thursday. (Read more...)

October 27, 2011
The Arab Spring wins Sakharov Prize 2011

The European Parliament Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought in 2011 goes to five representatives of the Arab people, in recognition and support of their drive for freedom and human rights. It will be presented to the winners by President Jerzy Buzek at Parliament`s formal session in Strasbourg, on 14 December. (Read more...)

October 24, 2011
About S. Magnitski in Vilnius and Brussels

Last Friday all of Leonidas Donskis` meetings were more or less related to law. Before noon he welcomed the congress of district court judges in Kaunas. In the evening he attended a discussion with a companion of lawyer Sergei Magnitski who died in a Russian prison, and gave a public lecture about the exclusive Lithuanian political thinker, lawyer and dissident Aleksandras Stromas.

(Read more...)

October 18, 2011
Virtual debate: are we interested in the European Parliament?

This month we invite you to share your ideas about whether there is enough information in your environment and in public about the European Parliament and other EU institutions. Are you interested in the European Parliament`s activities, where do you search for necessary information, and is it easy to find it? If you are not interested in the EP, why is it so? Is the reason for being not so interested is that the EP is too far from our daily problems, or information about the EU activities is presented unattractively? Is this a fault of Lithuanian political apathy? (Read more...)

October 17, 2011
Answers regarding the Golovatov story given to L. Donskis` colleagues

Members of Leonidas Donskis` group in the European Parliament, namely British MEPs Baroness Sarah Ludford and former leader of the Liberal Group in the EP Sir Graham Watson, finally received answers to their requests concerning Michail Golovatov`s release at Vienna Airport on 14 July 2011. The European Commission and Austrian diplomats provided the same answers as were received by the Lithuanian representatives and institutions. (Read more...)

October 14, 2011
Short EP plenary session: preparing for the European Council, Schengen area, Ukraine

On Wednesday and Thursday during the Brussels plenary session MEPs urgently reacted to the most relevant world events, namely the seven-year jail sentence imposed on Ukraine`s former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and recent violence in Egypt. (Read more...)

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