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October 03, 2013
Vilnius Summit as a turning point not only for the Eastern Partnership programme

If the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU is notsigned during the Vilnius Eastern Partnership Summit on 28-29 November, this will not only mean a major backdrop for the Eastern Partnership programme as a whole, but also for the EU capacities to exercise its soft power. Furthermore, an institutional gap in the Western policy towards the post-Soviet countries will follow. (Read more...)

September 26, 2013
Books of Kristina Sabaliauskaite presented in the European Parliament

This week one more event initiated by Leonidas Donskis took place in the European Parliament in Brussels. On the occasion of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council, a meeting with a famous Lithuanian writer and art historian Kristina Sabaliauskaite living in London was organised. On Tuesday, the event held in the European Parliament’s library attracted more than one hundred participants including both the Lithuanian community in Belgium who admire Sabaliauskaite’s talent and other EU citizens wishing to know more about the Lithuanian literature. (Read more...)

September 25, 2013
Before the elections in Azerbaijan crackdown on civil society

The presidential elections in Azerbaijan on October 9 give the president Ilham Aliyev a chance to be re-elected for the third time since his victory in 2003. In the run-up to the elections, fundamental human rights like freedom of expression and assembly have seen a dramatic deterioration. This situation was discussed yesterday in the seminar in the European Parliament in Brussels "Human rights in Azerbaijan. Freedom of Expression, Association and Assembly under Attack on the Eve of Presidential Election. What Implications for EU Policy?" (Read more...)

September 20, 2013
Civil society organisations have to be more involved in EU development policies

The non-governmental sector and local authorities which have the best knowledge of the needs of local populations have to play a more important role in the EU development policies. This is the main idea of the report "Local authorities and civil society: Europe`s engagement in support of sustainable development" prepared by the Development Committee of the European Parliament. (Read more...)

September 13, 2013
September plenary: response to the pressure from Russia and the beginning of the election campaign

Yesterday, the first plenary session of the last 2009-2014 term year finished in Strasbourg. After the August break, the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) gathered in the capital of Alsace to discuss a range of important questions. They include the situation in Syria and Egypt, growing pressure from Russia on the Eastern Partnership countries, the regulation on biofuels which should further limit production of traditional fuels and accelerate the new methods of producing biofuel, the bank supervisory mechanism and digital security. (Read more...)

September 06, 2013
Leonidas Donskis proposes to award the Sakharov prize to the Tibetan human rights defender

On Wednesday, the members of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) have presented their candidates for the 2013 Sakharov prize in the group meeting in the European Parliament. Leonidas Donskis proposed to award this prize which is intended to honour exceptional individuals who combat intolerance, fanaticism and oppression to the Tibetan human rights defender, writer and blogger Tsering Woeser. (Read more...)

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