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September 04, 2013
Leonidas Donskis presented Lithuanian presidency to the Norwegian diplomats

After the summer break, the Member of the European Parliament Leonidas Donskis started his fifth year in the European Parliament in Brussels. The highlight of this last year in the EP is definitely the Lithuanian presidency of the EU Council and presentation of Lithuania to the European community. Yesterday, Donskis continued this mission meeting the Norwegian diplomats in Brussels. (Read more...)

July 24, 2013
New rules make it easier to sign written declarations

During the first half of the year, the member of the European Parliament Leonidas Donskis signed a number of written declarations initiated by his colleagues in the areas of children rights and the rights of persons with disabilities, health care and development cooperation. However, a total number of written declarations signed by more than a half of the MEPs and become an official EU position becomes smaller and smaller. Hopefully, the situation will ameliorate with new rules enabling to sign written declarations online. (Read more...)

July 16, 2013
Leonidas Donskis receives Mikhail Khodorkovsky`s letter of thanks

Yesterday, a letter from the penal colony nr. 7 located in the north-western Russian Republic of Karelia reached Leonidas Donskis. The author of the letter is Mikhail Khodorkovsky who recently celebrated his 50th anniversary and who will mark his 10th year in prison this autumn. In his personal letter to Donskis, Khodorkovsky thanks Leonidas Donskis for the moral support, friendship and concern. (Read more...)

July 11, 2013
L. Donskis presented Lithuanian EU presidency to the European liberals

Yesterday, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) party uniting European liberal parties and the Friedrich Neumann foundation promoting liberal ideas in Europe gathered European liberals, various NGO and private sector representatives to the Lithuanian EU representation in Brussels in order to present the Lithuanian EU Council presidency. The Member of the European Parliament Leonidas Donskis was invited to be the main speaker in this event. (Read more...)

July 04, 2013
Lithuania in the centre of the July plenary

The last EP plenary session before the summer break featured probably more focus on Lithuania than ever before. On the occasion of the Lithuanian EU Council Presidency which started on the 1st of July, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite visited the European Parliament on Wednesday and presented Lithuanian priorities for the Presidency period. She has also listed to the greetings, comments and questions by the Members of the EP. (Read more...)

July 01, 2013
ICT Urges Lithuanian to Put Tibet on Agenda during its EU Presidency

The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) called on Lithuania to continue its strong support for Tibet and ensure the Tibet issue is brought back to the forefront of the Council of the European Union’s political agenda, as the Baltic country assumes the six-monthly rotating presidency of the Council. (Read more...)

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