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Juillet 08, 2011
Before summer holidays: unclear future of European Parliament mandate system and MEPs` “no” to the restrictions of Schengen Area

During the last plenary session of the second term in Strasbourg the members of EP did not have a lot of time to share the upcoming plans of summer holidays, as there were many important questions in the agenda which were followed by interesting discussions. (Suite...)

Juin 29, 2011
L. Donskis: "A European forum is needed in order to solve the intercultural issues of Ukraine’

With the negotiations on an association agreement continuing between the European Union and Ukraine, Leonidas Donskis has once again raised the issues of the Crimean Tatars, who are fighting for their cultural and national survival, at the European Parliament. Yesterday during the round table discussion ‘Crimean Tatars: a missing piece in Ukrainian society?’, which was hosted by the MEP, members of non-governmental organisations, political scientists, and representatives from European institutions gathered together for a debate. (Suite...)

Juin 27, 2011
Lithuanian MEPs inform EU leaders on situation of Polish minority in Lithuania

Ten Lithuanian MEPs, Leonidas Donskis among them, have addressed the President of the European Council Herman von Rompuy, the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso as well as Victor Orbán, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary and President-in-Office of the EU Council, on the situation of the Polish minority in Lithuania. The copy of the letter was also sent to the President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek. (Suite...)

Juin 23, 2011
Short EP session in Brussels: consumer law and regional aid

Before passions from the last European Parliament (EP) session in Strasbourg had time to subside, yesterday and today Members of the European Parliament (MEP) gathered to the plenary session hall, this time in Brussels. In the short session, which takes place six times a year, issues that were not considered in Strasbourg because of lack of time are being debated. (Suite...)

Juin 16, 2011
Social Security System – for benefit distribution or for unemployment reduction?

This time we would like to invite you to discuss a topic which, even though is quite removed from Leonidas Donskis` working areas in the European Parliament, is one of the most important problems in Lithuania. Social security, its essence, main functions and tasks in the state and society, its situation in our country and directions in which we should move on – we invite you to discuss these issues in this month’s virtual discussion. (Suite...)

Juin 10, 2011
Parliament’s session in June: the EU and Russia, anniversary of deportations and nuclear disputes

This week, during the first out of two plenary session in June, MEPs gathered to remember one of the worst moments in the history of Europe and Lithuania – the Baltic nations’ deportations, which were initiated by the Soviets seventy years ago in order to destroy the occupied countries’ public and political elites.  (Suite...)

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