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Octobre 13, 2010
The second contest for L. Donskis and E. Gentvilas prizes has been announced

Contest for Professor Leonidas Donskis and Dr. Eugenijus Gentvilas, co-founders of VšĮ "Atvira visuomenė ir jos draugai" (translation - open society and its friends), prizes has been announced for students who will defend best bachelor and master`s thesis in the academic year 2010-2011. This year nominees will receive two prizes for bachelor and two prizes for master`s thesis like the year before.

During its first year of existence the contest that encouraged students to explore both theoretical and practical context has received almost twenty bachelor and masters thesis with recommendations of thesis defence committees from five different Lithuanian universities. Four students from Vilnius, Kaunas and Vytautas Magnus universities were awarded - two for best bachelor and two for best master`s thesis.

Four contestants will be awarded this year as well - two L. Donskis and E. Gentvilas prizes of 1000 Lt for best bachelor thesis and two prizes of 2000 Lt for best master`s thesis. Topics of Leonidas Donskis prizes are he social and political theory, diplomacy, history of liberal thought; topics of Eugenijus Gentvilas prizes are self-government, studies of regional development, analysis Lithuanian local policies.

Award wining thesis of this and last year will be published in the special edition of VšĮ "Atvira visuomenė ir jos draugai" which is expected to be released in the summer of 2011.

The VšĮ "Atvira visuomenė ir jos draugai" address inviting professors, leaders of faculties and student associations to join the project was sent this week. Students are encouraged to choose proposed problem areas for their thesis and if the chosen topics are relevant students are offered to put more emphasis on the proposed problem areas. Students are encouraged to provide the bachelor`s and masters thesis after the graduation together with recommendations of defence committees for the award evaluation.

VšĮ "Atvira visuomenė ir jos draugai" – is constantly immersed in the pursuit of liberal ideas and their implementation. Having in mind our goals, we initiate research on important social, political and public issues, create concepts of liberal reforms, organize conferences, discussions and public lectures to society, carry out opinion polls, and finance the publication of academic literature. Stakeholders of the organization are: Eligijus Masiulis, the chairman of the Liberals Movement of the Republic of Lithuania; Leonidas Donskis, a philosopher, Member of the European Parliament; dr. Eugenijus Gentvilas, politician and signatory of Act on the Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania; Eglė Žiemienė, an auditor and supporter of liberal mind enthusiasts; and public figure Jurgita Choromanskytė.

Octobre 08, 2010
Regional policy and World Day against the Death Penalty on the spotlight of the European Parliament part-session

Although plenary sessions of the European Parliament usually take place in Strasbourg once a month, MEPs also meet up in Brussels for plenary sessions few times a year. As Strasbourg sessions are not sufficient for discussions and voting on all arising issues additional part-sessions are held in Brussels few times a year. (Suite...)

Octobre 05, 2010
First newsletter of MEP Leonidas Donskis has been released

The first newsletter of MEP Leonidas Donskis has already reached its readers. The newsletter reaching subscribers via e-mail will contain concentrated information on the MEP`s activities in Lithuania and the European Parliament, his creative, academic and public activities. The newsletter is published in Lithuanian language. (Suite...)

Septembre 30, 2010
L. Donskis took part in ELF conference in Lisbon

On 27 September, Leonidas Donskis, Member of the European Parliament, and adviser and chief of staff of his bureau Jurgita Choromanskytė participated in European Liberal Forum (ELF) conference "Human Rights in the European Union in the context of the War on Terror". Leonidas Donskis was among other MEPs, former experts of the United Nations and human right experts reading a report. (Suite...)

Septembre 29, 2010
B. Jackson shares his insights on the EU`s Eastern Policy at the European Parliament

Well-known American political strategist, informally known as the architect of NATO`s eastern expansion Bruce Jackson held the second seminar in the European Parliament this year by an invitation of Leonidas Donskis. Mr. Jackson presented his insights on "The Eastern Partnership and The Problems of Europe’s East" in the crowded hall to the audience that included MEPs, the EU institutional experts and those who are interested in the EU Eastern Partnership Programme. (Suite...)

Septembre 24, 2010
Resolutions on the European banking, risk-management and intellectual property rights on the second plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg

The second round of discussions this month was started on Monday in Strasbourg one week passed full and intense first plenary session of the European Parliament. Two plenary sessions take place in September so that MEPs would manage to discuss all the important issues that were anticipated prior to the August holidays and would respond to all significant events that occurred during the summer.

Economic relations and trade with Turkey (Suite...)

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