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Février 27, 2014
Ukraine: central issue in the second February EP plenary session

The second EP plenary session this February included a number of important decisions in the areas of transport, justice, and social policies. The EP took the final decision on the regulation on tobacco sale and productions and decided to grant a visa-free regime for Moldovan citizens. However, the main focus was the situation in Ukraine and bloodshed in Maidan which was followed by the political upheaval. (Suite...)

Février 20, 2014
Sergei Magnitsky: a big small man

Yesterday, the book by the French-Russian journalist Elena Servettaz "Why Europe Needs a Magnitsky Law: Should the EU follow the US?“ was presented in two separate events in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. The first presentation took place in the Europe information office in the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas and the second one was dedicated to students, NGO representatives and Russian opposition figures living in Lithuania. (Suite...)

Février 11, 2014
Torture exists not only in movies

Last week, during the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg, the members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) had to also attend committee meetings. Although they usually take place in Brussels, in some urgent or extraordinary cases the meetings are also held in Strasbourg. This time, AFET members voted on the draft report on eradication of torture in the world. The adoption of this report is foreseen for the EP plenary in March. (Suite...)

Février 07, 2014
EP plenary session: Ukraine and Russia in focus

This February, the Members of the European Parliament will visit Strasbourg for two plenary sessions. The agenda of the first session featured a number of topics important in our everyday life, including the rights of air passengers, distribution of music online, documentation related to moving into another EU country, the rights of seasonal workers, and others. (Suite...)

Janvier 30, 2014
Welcome to West Papua?

If you plan to visit Indonesia, a country praised for its economic and democratic progress in the recent decades, you will most probably visit Jakarta, Bali, Sumatra and Java islands. But you will definitely not go to West Papua and not because this province in the west of the New Guinea island lacks of beautiful nature or unique culture. (Suite...)

Janvier 27, 2014
MEPs working on human rights encouraged to be optimists and not realists

The end of the term and the upcoming elections shape the agenda of the European Parliament in Brussels. Although the last committee sessions will take place in April, the Subcommittee on Human Rights, a member of which is Leonidas Donskis, still has a lot of work before it. Last week, the Subcommittee discussed a number of well-known human rights issues together with some topics new for the European Parliament. (Suite...)

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