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February 14, 2012
The New Class of Political Entertainers

Leonidas Donskis

Dystopian literature depicted the nightmares of the twentieth century. Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, George Orwell’s 1984, and Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon (albeit the latter qualifies for the club of the novels of warning to a lesser extent) anticipated those simulations of reality, or fabrications of consciousness, that were, and continue to be, deeply and strikingly characteristic of the modern mass-media world. (Read more...)

February 08, 2012
Individuals by default

By Leonidas Donskis

My Finnish friend, a philosophy professor from Helsinki, once told me that Estonia for some of his colleagues is an example of the worst nightmare of libertarian politics. Such a remark, if publicized, would have dealt a blow to a sweet dream of Lithuanians to stand in the Estonians’ shoes enjoying Finland in the vicinity and celebrating 70 kilometers away from something radically different than postcommunist traumas and painful dilemmas. The dream was broken by my colleague like a house of cards. (Read more...)
January 25, 2012
Where does memory live?

By Leonidas Donskis

Once I became witness to a stunning dialogue between a celebrity jazz musician and the audience. It happened on October 22, 2006 during the show of Arturo Sandoval, a Cuban-born American jazz trumpeter, in the Kaunas Jazz festival, Lithuania. A most revealing dialogue occurred after a couple of opening pieces which proved Sandoval one of the greatest jazz trumpeters of our time. (Read more...)

January 18, 2012
Liquid Totalitarianism

Leonidas Donskis

The term “soft totalitarianism” is on the lips of many commentators. They imply that the European Union is not a democracy, but, instead, is a technocracy which walks in disguise as a democracy. (Read more...)

December 25, 2011
A Crisis of Liberalism?

The political matrix of Central and Eastern Europe opening up the political space for a bipartisan system with no authentic niche left for the liberals, allowed some catch-it-all or pocket parties set up by the new tycoons and those seeking political revenge to pass for liberal forces — and this was the real tragedy. (Read more...)

December 15, 2011
A new technocratic revolution or the end of modern nations?

By Leonidas Donskis

We live in a time of obsession with power. As Zygmunt Bauman wittily noticed, the old formula of politics as a carrots-and-sticks strategy still holds, yet we, having seen in the twentieth century the worst nightmares of sticks, are likely to experience the domination of carrots nowadays. (Read more...)
November 17, 2011
A Dangerous Delusion

By Leonidas Donskis

One of the most dangerous delusions of our times is a firm conviction of the European Left (and of its counterparts in North America) that Israel is a most, if not the most, troublesome and sinister state in the world that may cause a new world war. As if a new global war cannot break out at any minute in Kashmir, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Russia…  (Read more...)

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