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July 29, 2011
e-Academy begins new academic year

The virtual seminar project e-Academy, organized by NGO “Open Society and its Friends,” is greeting the next academic year having expanded and ready to work in real academic cycles – in semesters. For the first semester – from September to the end-of-year holidays – already three different virtual seminars have been planned, for which it is already possible to register now and throughout August. (Read more...)

July 28, 2011
Online discussion: “Instead of giving one a fish, teach the person to fish”

For a month the Facebook wall of EP member Leonidas Donskis has become the stage for a discussion regarding one of the sorest Lithuanian problems – the system of the social security. With the aid of the field professional, head of Klaipėda social support centre, Daina Stankaitienė, Leonidas Donskis invited the visitors of the page to post their opinions regarding the fundaments, tasks and functions of the social security and suggest possible directions for Lithuania to develop within this field. (Read more...)

July 26, 2011
Child labour in Uzbekistan is still a reality

In autumn, when the cotton collection season starts in Uzbekistan, most of the countryside schools are closed as hundreds of thousands of children are sent to cotton fields. There they collect cotton with their hands for three months, usually with no pay. This situation is not the past, it is still a reality in Uzbekistan, the second biggest cotton exporter in the world. (Read more...)

July 25, 2011
L. Donskis urges European Parliament Liberals to support Lithuania in its conflict with Austria

Last week MEP Leonidas Donskis appealed to the members of his group in the EP in order to personally inform them about the conflict between Lithuania and Austria, which arose after Austria released a Russian citizen, a former KGB officer Mikhail Golovatov, a suspect in the January 13th case, and seek their support for Lithuania in this situation.
(Read more...)

July 21, 2011
L. Donskis received an Honorary Doctorate from Bradford University

On Tuesday, during the solemn ceremony in Bradford (United Kingdom), honorary doctorate (Doctor of Letters) regalia of Bradford University was handed to European Parliament Member, academic, public figure, Professor Leonidas Donskis. Leonidas Donskis was granted the Honorary Doctor of Humanities for academic research work in Eastern Europe and in the field of education of Baltic countries, also for his publications, activity in the public sphere and work in the European Parliament. (Read more...)

July 20, 2011
During his second year in office L. Donskis supported more than fifty written declarations

During his second year in the European Parliament Leonidas Donskis gave his support to more than fifty written declarations submitted by his colleagues concerning topics of transport, human rights, environment, health care, agriculture and other issues. (Read more...)

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