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November 30, 2010
Regionalism in Lithuania: "Do we not want to or not know how to be more independent?

Review of the conference “Regionalism in Lithuania and the vision of Klaipeda”
Why was regional reform in Lithuania never able to turn towards the direction of decentralization? What should we do that the situation in Lithuania which became a unique unitary state would change? Is there a need for regionalization processes in Lithuania and Klaipeda? (Read more...)

November 26, 2010
Euro and budget, the EU Eastern Partnership and EU movie awards in Strasbourg

Members of the European Parliament faced a tense agenda with many important issues at the plenary session this week in Strasbourg. Voting on the legislation, discussions with the President of the European Commission J. M. Barroso, discussions on the euro situation and the deadlocked budget and meeting with the president of Georgia Micheil Saakashvili were among questions of the plenary.

(Read more...)

November 23, 2010
Student exchange programs discussed in the European Parliament under the invitation of Leonidas Donskis

A conference "Student Mobility and European Citizenship: How to become a European Citizen?" organized by project of the European University Foundation Campus Europae and hosted by the Member of the European Parliament, Professor Leonidas Donskis took place on the 18th of November in the European Parliament. (Read more...)

November 16, 2010
L. Donskis took part in the Center for the Study of Post-Communist Societies conference in Washington D.C.

On the 11-12th of November, Member of the European Parliament Leonidas Donskis visited Washington D.C. where he was invited to deliver a speech in the international conference "Remembrance, History, and Justice". Leonidas Donskis delivered a speech "After Communism: Identity and Morality in the Baltic Countries" on rapid and intense transformation of society in Baltic States. (Read more...)

November 12, 2010
EU-US relations, strengthening of the OSCE and passenger data collection in the EP part-session

MEPs will meet in two plenary sessions in November as they did in October. Prior to the main plenary session in November, which will be held in Strasbourg in two weeks, MEPs met in a part-plenary session in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday. (Read more...)

November 10, 2010
L. Donskis` amendments on the EP Annual Report on Human Rights in the World adopted

The European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs has unanimously approved the report on human rights in the world and the EU human rights policies presented by the vice-chairwoman of the EP Human Rights Subcommittee Lithuanian MEP Dr. Laima Andrikienė. (Read more...)

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