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April 01, 2010

On March 20 - 26 a big group of people have learned the beauty of European cities and the functions of the European Parliament. Groups collected from different organisations have started a journey from the towers of Vilnius to the channels of Amsterdam. This trip was financed by Leonidas Donskis from the funds allocated to parliamentarians.

If we talk about the trip itself, everything we have seen was wonderful and has inspired the passion of knowledge. You want something more concrete? Your welcome! I talk about the Carl Bridge and the cradle of European culture - Prague, a city-museum Bruges, the capital of European institutions - Brussels, a city of a free spirit and bikes -Amsterdam, the solid Lübeck, a German port Kiel. These are the cities which one has to visit at least once in a lifetime. Emotions and spirits experienced in cities last forever. It does not matter how many times one gets back, something new can always be found.

As the trip was financed and organised, as I mentioned before, participants of this trip were hoping that everything will work according to the plan. And indeed the trip itself was great and travellers, I guess, are sincerely thankful for organisers. And not only for your work, but also for your sincerity and friendliness. But even a greater thing was that the perfect organisation was marked by improvised evenings and afternoons. One can go wherever he or she wants. I have no doubts that inspired by the feeling of freedom the participants of this trip have not only seen more, but have also had time for their needs which one often has to forget when the trip is organised by the others.

We have already discussed the cities, organisational matters, what else? It is worth mentioning that good trip atmosphere was also influenced by the travellers themselves who did not lack good mood, smiles, songs, games the whole week long. Actually, talking about the songs, I will never forget songs performed by our bus choir in the very centre of Brussels. Sounds of Lithuanian national hits like "Ant kalno mūrai“or „Trys milijonai“ have even encouraged Japanese to turn on their cameras or young Spanish to applaud. Also, for the whole time of the trip the "back" of a bus has not only provided water, but was of course singing. I suppose that for several days after the trip all adventurers were still hearing songs like "Allein, allein" and "Bad romance" (theses songs became hits of our trip) in their heads.

It would of course be a crime not to mention the destination of our trip - Brussels. I have heard different opinions about it, some have liked it, the others not so much, but I can guarantee that European institutions have impressed many of us with their greatness and importance. We have heard an interesting lecture about the activities, structure and members of the European Parliament, have seen Leonidas Donskis, have visited the most important places of this institution - you must admit that sounds perfectly.

I could go on and on with telling. But is it worthy? Everyone has to see and to experience that on his or her own. Journeys make people more mature. Journeys create people.


Eimantas Mikšys, Member of the Lithuanian Pupils` Parliament

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