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Which of the activities of L. Donskis at the European Parliament proved to be the most effective?
Activities in the field of human rights
Work with Eastern Partnership and post-Soviet countries
Support of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU
Voted: 623
What are global human rights issues you have the least information about?
Caste-based discrimination, affecting 260 million people worldwide
Breaches of the rights of ethnic minorities in large countries (e.g. Tibetans in China)
Conflicts in Africa, seriously impeding development processes
Breaches of the right of expression, imprisoned journalists in officially democratic countries
Voted: 143
What, in your opinion, should be the main objective of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU?
to guide the EU agenda in a professional and responsible way
to highlight topics of high importance for Lithuania in the EU agenda
to avoid scandals and large setbacks
Voted: 91
What EU actions could best improve the situation in Tibet?
position of an EU Special Representative in Tibet
stricter language in dialogues with China
raising Tibet as a topic during EU Summits
funding of Tibetan cultural identity projects
regular visits of high-level EU officials to Tibet
Voted: 72
What, in your opinion, will be of the greatest importance in the EU in 2013?
Croatian accesion to the EU
Lithuanian presidency to the Council of the EU
Agreement on the new long-term EU budget
Voted: 105
Where, in your opinion, should the European Parliament`s work take place?
Only in Brussels
Only in Strasbourg
Both in Brussels and in Strasbourg
Voted: 77
Who should be awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought this year?
Defender of Pakistani Christians J. Francis
Iranian lawyer N. Sotoudeh and film director J. Panahi
Imprisoned Rwandan opposition representatives
Belarusian human rights defender A. Bialiatski
Russian band “Pussy Riot”
Voted: 47
What future should the euro one expect in the coming months?
The EU will be able to maintain its single currency
Several EU states will leave the eurozone
There will be no more euro in the near future
Voted: 46
In what direction should EU-Ukraine relations develop?
EU should block contacts with Ukraine and demand transparency in Y. Tymoshenko case
EU should not hurry to get closer to Ukraine till it solves its human rights problems by its own
EU should seek closer relations with the strategically important Ukraine in spite of the drawbacks in its democracy
Voted: 34
Which EU country, in your opinion, dealt best with the global financial crisis?
Other EU country
None of the EU countries
Voted: 77
What do you think of the results of the Russian presidential elections?
The Russian citizens have expressed their will, and it must be respected
Putin was only able to win because opposition candidates were not allowed to run the elections
The election results are false, and V. Putin`s victory is unfair
Voted: 41
In your opinion, what is the most important problem of ACTA?
Content of ACTA threatening internet freedom and personal privacy
Negotiations and enactment of ACTA lacking transparency and public debate
There are no problems concerning ACTA
Voted: 173
How would you evaluate the performance of the outgoing EP President Jerzy Buzek?
He was an exceptional leader of the European Parliament
J. Buzek`s leadership was not particularly extraordinary
J. Buzek`s performance was worse in comparison with his predecessors
Voted: 30
In your opininio, what was the most important in the EU in 2011?
The European financial crisis
The role of the EU in the "arab spring"
The Treaty of the Croatian accesion to the EU in 2013
Launch of "Nord Stream" gas pipeline
Voted: 37
Which breaches of human rights are most often in Lithuania?
Discrimination on grounds of age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, etc.
Breaches of the right to private life and personal data protection
Restrictions of the freedom of peaceful assembly
Voted: 110
Do you find enough information about the work of the European Parliament and MEPs?
Yes, I am interested in the EP and find enough information
I am not interested in the EP so much, but I know where to find information
I would like to know more about the EP, but it is difficult to find information
I am not interested in the EP and have no idea where to find information
Voted: 29
Which country of South Caucasus would you prefer to visit?
Voted: 40
What contributes the most to Your comfort of travelling within the EU?
Euro – a single currency of most EU countries, but not yet in Lithuania
Possibility of the free movement – EU inner borders with no visas and controls
The significant reduction in cost to use a mobile phone outside my country
Voted: 51
Which of these should be the main purpose of the social security system in dealing with unemployment?
Fair and effective distribution of state support
Encouragement and assistance to the unemployed to get back into work
Both are equally important
Voted: 48
In your opinion, should we stop using the term “minorities”?
Yes, we are all citizens after all, using this term only causes tensions
Using this term should be minimised to some particular situations
No, without this term it is impossible to define diversity of social groups
Voted: 71
In your opinion, what did the results of municipalities elections demonstrate?
The results of the elections is the signal of voters’ appreciation to the present ruling coalition
Voters have demonstrated their appreciation for the opposition parties criticising the present Government
The results of local elections depend on personalities and situation in particular cities, but not on the evaluation of the Government
Voted: 53
Is voting at the elections a duty of every citizen?
Yes, if we feel responsibility for our state, we must participate in the democratic political process by voting
We must vote only if our choice is firm, based on our knowledge of the politicians’ programmes and moral attitudes
No, we do not have to vote at the elections, if we do not trust politicians and politics in general
Voted: 71
What position on Belarus should Lithuania and ES adopt?
Terminate all contact with Belarus until this country becomes truly democratic
Minimise contacts with official Minsk, but support the opposition and civic initiatives
Use diplomatic means to integrate Belarus into the community of democratic states
Voted: 83
In your opinion, how should the actions of "Wikileaks" be seen?
Positively: public has to know everything that is done by their government
Negatively: publicising secret information is damaging for the government as well as for the public
Difficult to say - it depends on the nature of the information published
Voted: 123
In Your opinion, what of these measures would be the best to fight corruption effectively?
Common EU anti-corruption policy
Better national law
Stricter penalties
Civil initiatives, education, corruption prevention
Voted: 103
In your opinion, who deserves to win the 2010 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought the most?
"Breaking the Silence", an NGO of former Israeli soldiers, fighting for the dissemination of information about actions of the Israeli army in the occupied Palestinian territories
Guillermo Fariñas, a doctor of psychology, independent journalist and political dissident from Cuba, fighting against censorship in the country and prepared to die in the struggle
Birtukan Mideksa, politician and former judge from Ethiopia, peacefully fighting for democracy, human rights and the rule of law, currently serving a life sentence in prison
Voted: 36
Nuclear power plants planned or being constructed just across outer borders of the EU (in Belarus and Kaliningrad province)...
are just an internal matter of the countries that build them
should only concern EU members that have borders next to the construction sites
should concern the whole European Union
Voted: 168
Which EU region is the most attractive holiday destination for You?
South Europe
Central-Eastern Europe
Northern Europe
Western Europe
Voted: 100
In Your opininio, what is the strongest basis for the European unity?
Cultural-ideological tradition
Political interests
Economic interests
Geographical proximity
Nothing unites Europe
Voted: 76
Should Lithuania outlaw violence against children in the family?
Yes, all displays of violence should be outlawed
Maybe, if the law has clearly defined criteria
No, the state should never interfere in family life
Voted: 153
What country, in Your opinion, has the biggest human rights` violation problems?
None of above
Voted: 127
Which of these states, in Your opinion, will be the first to access the EU?
Voted: 189
Respresentative of which Baltic state is assigned the most important portfolio in Barroso II Commission?
Lithuania (Taxation and Customs Union, Audit and Anti-Fraud)
Latvia (Development)
Estonia (Transport)
Voted: 87
Will Copenhagen Climate Summit reach tangible commitments?
This will be a good start
Voted: 44
Do you like L.Donskis website?
Voted: 336

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Which of the activities of L. Donskis at the European Parliament proved to be the most effective?
Activities in the field of human rights
Work with Eastern Partnership and post-Soviet countries
Support of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU

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