Réunions en Lituanie retour
Février 20, 2012
L. Donskis` weekend in the frozen lakes area

"I always visit Lithuania in winter", said Leonidas Donskis after the meeting with the society and the presentation of the book "Lithuanian Liberalism II" in Ignalina on Saturday. In fact, for the second year in a row the MEPs` one week tour of Lithuania was held in February, when there are no sessions in the European Parliament. L. Donskis was met not only by the wonderful Lithuanian winter but also by curious and ready-for-discussions citizens in Visaginas, Zarasai, Ignalina and Švenčionys. (Suite...)

Février 08, 2012
Leonidas Donskis` traditional February meetings

It has already become a tradition that the second half of February, when no sessions in the European Parliament take place, Leonidas Donskis designates for an intensive tour of different Lithuanian cities and meetings with the public. This year Leonidas Donskis will visit Zarasai, Visaginas, Ignalina, Švenčionys, Plungė, Plateliai, Gargždai, Klaipėda, Kaunas and Vilnius. (Suite...)

Décembre 14, 2011
L. Donskis met with high school students from Panevėžys

On Thursday, 8 December, MEP Leonidas Donskis visited Panevėžys. The main focus of the visit was a meeting with the youth of the city. The meeting was arranged in the Juozas Balčikonis high school and which was also attended by students from other schools. Although there were not enough chairs and even places to stand for all, the meeting with young people from Panevėžys nonetheless had a very warm and friendly atmosphere. (Suite...)

Octobre 24, 2011
About S. Magnitski in Vilnius and Brussels

Last Friday all of Leonidas Donskis` meetings were more or less related to law. Before noon he welcomed the congress of district court judges in Kaunas. In the evening he attended a discussion with a companion of lawyer Sergei Magnitski who died in a Russian prison, and gave a public lecture about the exclusive Lithuanian political thinker, lawyer and dissident Aleksandras Stromas.


Juin 09, 2011
L. Donskis in Klaipėda: human rights and… jazz

Last Friday, June 3rd, MEP Leonidas Donskis was visiting his birth town – Klaipėda. During the visit a discussion ‘Human Rights without Banalities’ was organized in the I. Simonaitytė Library. (Suite...)

Mai 26, 2011
Tolerance without clichés and banalities

This was the theme of the talks with students from the Vilnius “Minties” gymnasium and other schools which MEP Leonidas Donksis visited on May 19th during his short stay in Lithuania. The gathering was a continuation of the meeting cycle “About tolerance with a cup of tea” organised by the Human Rights and Civil Society Committee of the Liberal Movement. (Suite...)

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