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April 08, 2011
EP session: Lithuanian unity and disagreements between political groups on the question of nuclear security

Although the agenda of the plenary sessions is planned up to a few months or even a year in advance, the tragedy in Japan in March has significantly modified the order of the questions planned for the session in April. While the Members of European Parliament were planning to express their position regarding nuclear security in a special resolution, a unanimous solution was not reached. (Read more...)

April 07, 2011
Minorities, majorities or simply citizens?

Last week Leonidas Donskis was invited to be a speaker at the conference on the rise of extremism and populism in the European Union, which was organised by his political Group in the European Parliament - the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE). (Read more...)

April 06, 2011
The unfulfilled revolutions of local elections

In February and March the website of MEP Leonidas Donskis was dedicated to the most important event in Lithuania’s political life of the moment – the 27 February elections to Municipal Councils. Before the event, the Member of the European Parliament invited us to an open discussion on whether it is our responsibility to our motherland to cast our vote at the elections, or whether we can ignore this political right if we have lost trust in politics, and politicians in particular. With the elections over, Leonidas Donskis invited us all to discuss the final results and think about what they mean to us. (Read more...)

April 05, 2011
L. Donskis, D. Kuolys and H. Mickevičius pose questions unanswered by leader of the SSD to the President and Speaker of Seimas

Member of the European Parliament Leonidas Donskis, Director of the Civil Society Institute Darius Kuolys and Director of the Human Rights Monitoring Institute Henrikas Mickevičius sent today a letter to the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė and the Speaker of Seimas Irena Degutiene in which they ask the highest officials of the country to answer questions concerning the case of Eglė Kusaitė.  (Read more...)

April 01, 2011
EP liberals urged to take counteraction against extremism and populism

On the 30th of March, Wednesday, Leonidas Donskis participated in a conference "Extremism and populism in the European Union: Containment and Couneraction" organised by the ALDE group. (Read more...)

March 29, 2011
University of Bradford to Award a Honorary Degree to Prof. Donskis

On July 19, prof. Leonidas Donskis, politician, active public figure and an academician, will be awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters by the University of Bradford (Great Britain). (Read more...)

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