December 15, 2014
L. Donskis: lobbyism and guild distribution should be avoided in the awards of National Culture and Art Prizes 
In brief: There is much of lobbyism in the world of culture too; therefore, creative organizations strongly fight for candidates offered by them when prizes are awarded, the head of the committee of the National Culture and Art Prizes Leonidas Donskis states. “Still, the creative organization or an artists’ guild is not public voice necessarily. It is a professional group, influential in many cases but it may be tendentious, it may offer some lasting chief or activist with a number of merits. Why are we sure that a promising young artist is offered?” he asks.

Still, the professor emphasises that the committee of the National Culture and Art Prizes should see the entire cultural field, look at entire culture of Lithuania broadly and should not succumb to guild distribution. In the interview the professor speaks about mechanisms of transparency, publicity in the awards of prizes.
In his opinion, the report of the chairman of the committee should be announced after every meeting, so that people would know what is happening. Meanwhile, now some of the information is classified, secrets are almost public as the majority know what is being spoken about. He is sure that the mechanism of awards should be improved.
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November 26, 2014
L. Donskis received an Honorary Doctorate from Romanian University 
From now on Professor, Vice-President for Research at ISM University of Management and Economics Leonidas Donskis is a proud holder of the highest appreciation rank – an honorary doctorate – at already two European universities. At the beginning of November honorary doctorate (Doctor Honoris Causa) regalia – a diploma and a medal – were handed to Mr. Donskis at Valahia University of Târgovişte, Romania. Back in 2011 Mr. Donskis also received an honorary doctorate from Bradford University in Great Britain. (Read more...)
September 11, 2014
Leonidas Donskis Appointed ISM Vice-President for Research 
Prof. Leonidas Donskis, a former euro parliamentarian and prominent public activist, was appointed vice-president for research at ISM University. He will begin in his new position on 22 September. 

Prof Donskis will be responsible for strengthening research and doctoral studies, improving strategy, and increasing the internationalisation of the two activities. He will also be responsible for networking in the research and doctoral student community and for the publication of research articles in professional literature. Another important area of his activity is strengthening contacts between academics and business, searching for new opportunities for cooperation, discovering creative potential in business, and employing it on a bigger scale. “I always admired the atmosphere of creativity and international spirit and the modern approach to higher education at ISM. I see this university as one of the best business schools in Eastern and Central Europe, a unique laboratory combining business and research,” the new vice-president for research 
at ISM University of Management and Economics said. 
Prof Donskis acquired his doctoral degree at universities in Vilnius and Helsinki. He is an associate professor at the latter institution of higher education. Donskis is also an author and has compiled seventeen academic books in English and twenty-five in Lithuanian. His works have been printed by prestigious publishing houses in the United States and Europe and translated into fourteen languages. He has worked and given lectures at universities in the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Estonia and Hungary. He is a member of the editorial staff of academic magazines and is a prominent public activist. Prof Donskis holds honorary doctorates at the University of Bradford in the UK and Valahia University of Targoviste in Romania.
“Prof Donskis is one of the most acknowledged and respected Lithuanian academics. His experience, work abroad, and a wide field of academic interests will help us to create an even more intensive academic life at the university and get researchers involved in new projects and even wider academic networks. The professor knows perfectly the Nordic academic culture that relates us to our founder, BI Norwegian Business School, and in which we conduct international doctoral studies and other academic projects with universities abroad. We will continue to expand our team with experienced specialists from Lithuania and other countries as we seek to become regional leaders in research and studies,” Vilius Kontrimas, president of ISM University of Management and Economics, said.
The main areas of academic research at ISM University of Management and Economics are strategic planning, marketing, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship and innovations, economics, and political science. In association with the Baltic Management Development Association, academics from the Baltic countries, Norway and Russia, the university publishes the Baltic Journal of Management, the only academic journal investigating management trends in the region. The first international programme of doctoral studies in the field of management encompassing the entire Baltic region was started at the university. ISM University’s activity is acknowledged and recognised internationally: ISM was entrusted to organise the main European conference on research in entrepreneurship, RENT (Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business), and the first session of the Association for Strategic Management in the Baltic countries took place at the university. There are such prominent academics among the ISM honorary doctors as Prof Geert Hofstede, Dr Ichak Adizes, Prof Peter Lorange, and Prof Robert Shiller, Nobel Prize winner in economics.  
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December 30, 2014
Ukraine’s Historical-Political Time Zone 
The Ukrainian-American political scientist Alexander J. Motyl and the Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin noted that a new Ukraine was born and that we have had a unique opportunity to witness the emergence of a new political nation.This statement, however accurate, is incomplete, though. (Continue...)
November 24, 2014
Neither Friend nor Enemy: Israel in the EU 
This summer I finished a five-year term as a member of the European Parliament (EP), so I was not as shocked as I might have been when, in July, Italian celebrity philosopher and fellow Member of Parliament Gianni Vattimo said that he “would like to shoot those bastard Zionists” and suggested that we Europeans ought to raise money “to buy more rockets for Hamas.” This was extreme even by the standards of the European political and academic elites. (Continue...)
November 13, 2014
An Imagined Dialogue on Several Clichés 
In the wake of the Russian-Ukrainian war disguised as an internal conflict in Eastern Ukraine, several clichés and misperceptions of reality widespread in the West have reappeared. In this light, the following questions could and should quite legitimately be raised. I will try to formulate them in such a way so the reader can feel a trajectory of thought. Everything is based on my own fairly recent interviews and discussions on Ukraine and Europe. (Continue...)
November 05, 2014
A Flashback of a Memoir: Witnessing High Treason 
In the wake of the Russian-Ukrainian war disguised as an internal conflict in Donbass, the surge of ethnic minority political parties in the Baltic States calls for attention. That Russia has repeatedly launched a massive media and psychological attack against the Baltic States obvious to anyone not devoid of the sense of reality. (Read more...)
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