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Juillet 10, 2012
European Ideas on Interview with Leonidas Donskis

MEP Leonidas Donskis, Ph.D., is a philosopher, political theorist, historian of ideas, social analyst, and political commentator. As a public figure in Lithuania, he acted as a defender of human rights and civil liberties. In 2004, Donskis has been awarded by the European Commission the title of the Ambassador for Tolerance and Diversity in Lithuania. (Read more...)

Juin 29, 2011
In the quest for language

Leonidas Donskis interviewed by Adam Puchejda

At the end of the 20th century Tomas Venclova was asking Czesław Miłosz how in his opinion our part of Europe – Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and so on – could look like in an ideal form and what would be the best for this part of Europe? How would you answer to this question today? (Suite...)

Mai 10, 2011
Interview with L. Donskis in the newsletter of EP member Nadja Hirsch (Germany)

The recently founded "Dahrendorf Circle" aims at promoting a sustainable liberalism in Germany and broadening the range of subjects liberals need to address. As philosopher, political theorist and historian what is, in a maximum of three sentences, your perfect vision of liberalism for contemporary Europe? (Suite...)

Avril 20, 2010
The best books. The Economist`s Central and Eastern Europe correspondent on books about Poland and the region

Edward Lucas has been covering the central and east European region for over 20 years. His postings have included stringing for The Economist in Czechoslovakia and the Baltic States (Read more...)

Mars 15, 2010
Blog de Leonidas Donskis est inclus dans revue de presse européenne

Blog de Leonidas Donskis est inclus dans euro | topics revue de presse européenne. euro|topics informe sur les débats politiques, culturels et sociaux de 28 pays (UE plus Suisse). La revue de presse quotidienne donne accès à l`échelle européenne à des débats et opinions que les médias mènent jusqu'ici au niveau national.

Novembre 06, 2009
European integration and cohesion through culture and education

Prof. Leonidas Donskis is a philosopher, historian of ideas, political commentator and critic who is a Professor of Political Science at the Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, where he also directs the Political Science and Diplomacy School. In 2004, Prof. Donskis has been awarded by the European Commission the title of the Ambassador for Tolerance and Diversity in Lithuania while his recent reelection to the European Parliament prompted the following interview on his views on European citizenship and the role of universities in the European Union.

Octobre 22, 2009
Parliament group leaders agree on Sakharov prize winner for 2009

The leaders of Parliament`s political groups today reached consensus on the 2009 winner of the Sakharov prize for human rights and freedom of thought. (Suite...)

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