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Identity and Freedom: three intellectual portraits

Original title: "Tapatybė ir laisvė: trys intelektualiniai portretai" - 2005 m.
Leonidas Donskis` Identity and Freedom: three intellectual portraits was written in English and published by one of the most famous academic publishers in London and New York, Routledge.

The book presents, for the first time to the Western readers, three major Lithuanian émigré thinkers and social and cultural thinkers – sociologist and theorist on civilizations Vytautas Kavolis; social analyst, political scientist and lawyer Aleksandras Stromas; and poet, translator, critic of literature and essayist Tomas Venclova.

All of them are well known in their own circle not only at national level, but also internationally. Vytautas Kavolis made an important input to the development of art, sociology, analysis of cultural sociology and civilizations. Aleksandras Stromas was a famous dissident and is known as one of the few political scientists who foresaw the fall of both the Soviet Union and the system of international communism. Tomas Venclova was a dissident, poet and researcher of literature, especially close to the Russian and Central European humanistic and cultural tradition of criticism. At the same time he played an important role by opening the main historical traumas of the Lithuanian people, issues of identity and political and moral dilemmas.

The book is an unprecendented attempt to bring these three outstanding Lithuanian thinkers into the context of  the history of Eastern European ideas. The book is unique in that it combines Western interpretations with Lithuanian material for analysis; moreover it provides primary sources that the three studied authors have used.

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