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Février 27, 2012

Last week, continuing the tour of Lithuania, Leonidas Donskis visited Western Lithuania and Žemaitija, including his native Klaipėda and Gargždai, Plateliai and Plungė. The MEP met with Klaipėda Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas at the port city, as well as he gave a public lecture to the city`s teachers. During the other visits to Gargždai, Plateliai and Plungė he traditionally presented the new book "Lithuanian Liberalism II". 

On Wednesday Klaipėda Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas invited Leonidas Donskis together with colleague Liberals and media representatives to the City Hall, where they shared their ideas about the vision of Klaipėda city in Lithuania and Europe after twenty years. Leonidas Donskis welcomed the fact that the mentality of a free city of Klaipėda has become everyday thing, and the sea with the port are no longer the topics of the essays of pupils, as they used to be during his childhood, as well as he emphasised that Klaipėda has all future possibilities of becoming one of the main Northern European cities` centres for literature, arts and culture. Another direction, which must continue to develop in Klaipėda, is regionalism, municipality`s idea, which are mostly generated in the port city so far. 

Leonidas Donskis also met with the teachers while visiting his native city and gave a public lecture "Tolerance in modern society".  

Leonidas Donskis presented his compiled book "Lithuanian Liberalism II" during the meetings with society in Gargždai, Plateliai and Plungė on Tuesday and Wednesday. This book, consisting of ideas of well-known cultural and political Liberals, academics and commentators, was published under the initiative of Leonidas Donskis as a response to "Lithuanian Liberalism", published under the initiative of L. Donskis` teacher, sociologist Vytautas Kavolis, more than fifty years ago, which has already become a classic of the Lithuanian political idea.

The local people participated actively in debates about Liberalism and were interested not only in an assessment of a current situation, when Liberal ideas are represented by a few political powers, as well as the connection between Liberalism and free-market, or the reasons for cultural Liberals hesitating to step into the field of active politics, but they also did not avoid to ask Leonidas Donskis about the position on the issues of their utmost concern. The constituents were interested in the opinion of the MEP whether today`s Lithuania would be able to unite, as it did during the Revival period, and shared their concerns on the state of the distorted Lithuanian information space, scope of emigration, show elements  in Lithuanian politics, new political parties emerging before every elections, etc.

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